National Hardware 179 Series N236-102 Ball Bearing Hinge, 4 in H Frame Leaf, Steel, Satin Chrome, No

National Hardware 179 Series N236-102 Ball Bearing Hinge, 4 in H Frame Leaf, Steel, Satin Chrome, No
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SKU Number: 7197288
Manufacture Model: N236-102
UPC Code: 886780021080


National Hardware 179 Ball Bearing Hinge, 41 lb Weight, Door Leaf Height: 4 in, Frame Leaf Height: 4 in, Number of Knuckles: 5, Pin Type: Non-Removable, Screw Mounting, Number of Mounting Holes: 8, Steel, Satin Chrome, Includes: Non-Removable Pin
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1 x Leviton 001-85014-000 Wallplate, 4-1/2 in L, 2-3/4 in W, 0.22 in Thick, 1-Gang, Thermoset Plastic, B
1 x Recochem Solvable 53-321 Paint Thinner, Hydrocarbon, 946 mL
1 x Romex 12/3UF-WGX50 Building Wire, #12 AWG Wire, 50 ft L, 3-Conductor, Copper Conductor, PVC Insulati
1 x Eaton Wiring Devices ASPIRE 9530WS Slide Dimmer, 120 V, 600 W, Halogen, Incandescent Lamp, 3-Way, Wh
1 x PowerZone DF1015 Oscillating Parabolic Heater, 6.7 A, 120 V, 400/800 W, 2 -Heating Stage, Black
1 x ProFIT 0013138 Finishing Nail, 6D, 2 in L, Carbon Steel, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Brad Head, Spiral Sh
1 x AG SOUTH 5275088 Waterproof Replacement Pump
1 x MAZE STORMGUARD T447A530 Deck Nail, Hand Drive, 8D, 2-1/2 in L, Steel, Galvanized, Ring Shank, 5 lb
1 x Kwikset 800SE-15 SMT Handleset, 1 Grade, Satin Nickel, 2-3/8 x 2-3/4 in Backset, KW1 Keyway, 1-3/4 i
1 x BernzOmatic TS4000 High Heat Torch, Aluminum
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1 x CHAPIN 6-8138 Shut-Off Assembly, Polypropylene
1 x BILLY PENN 2625 Gutter Outlet Tube, Galvanized Steel
1 x Santas Forest 19154 Replacement Bulb, 5 W, Candelabra Lamp Base, Incandescent Lamp, Transparent Blue
1 x RACO 807C Exposed Work Cover, 1-13/32 in Dia, 4-3/16 in L, 4-3/16 in W, Square, Galvanized Steel, Gr
1 x Duo-Fast 650394 Siding Nail, 2-1/4 in L, Hot-Dip Galvanized, Round Head, Ring Shank
1 x Cutler-Hammer BQ230240 Circuit Breaker with Rejection Tab, Quadplex, Type BQ, 30/40 A, 4-Pole, 120/2
1 x Industrial Choice M1400 System 331775 Construction Marking Paint, White, 17 oz, Aerosol Can
1 x SENCO HC27APBX Collated Nail, 3 in L, Steel, Bright Basic, Clipped Head, Smooth Shank
1 x MiTek KNS Series KNS1 Protection Plate, 3 in L, 1-1/2 in W, 1/16 in Thick, Aluminum
1 x CHAPIN Clean 'N Seal 25012 Handheld Sprayer, 1 gal Tank, Poly Tank, 34 in L Hose
1 x Buildex Tapcon 3030 Concrete Screw Anchor, 3/16 in Dia, 2-1/4 in L, Stainless Steel, Climaseal
1 x Amerelle 935RW Wallplate, 5 in L, 2-13/16 in W, 1-Gang, Steel, White
1 x Eaton Wiring Devices 7500 Series 7503W-BOX Rocker Switch, 120/277 V, Strap Mounting, Thermoplastic,
1 x GetPower CWP-2USBBOWLACM AC to Dual USB Wall Adapter, 2.4 A Charge, White
1 x National Hardware N278-382 Wire Nail, 1/2 in L, Steel, Bright, Brad Head, 1 PK
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