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  • 2x4basics 90110 Flip Top Bench Table, Wood, Sand

    Make a comfortable, sturdy bench and a table up to 8 ft long. Just add 2x4 lumber pieces. Flips and locks from a bench to a table in seconds without [...]

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    Weight: 13.50

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  • 2x4basics 90128 Shelf Link

    You can determine the size and configuration, just add 2x4's to the ShelfLinks to make functional and custom shelving in any length, height and [...]

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    Weight: 0.70

    Price $39.99

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  • 2x4basics 90158 Workbench Kit, Resin, Black

    Create a workbench, worktable or power tool stand. Add 2x4's plywood or particleboard to make a workbench, worktable or power tool stand in any [...]

    Quantity: 4

    Weight: 13.25

    Price $129.20

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